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If you receive our Zeolite Magic emails, you have already heard that we are switching brands of zeolite. Although the liquid zeolite we have represented for years now does still work, we have come to an impasse with the company that provides it and feel we must make a change. In addition, we believe that the zeolite product that we have found to replace NCD (Waiora's Natrual Cellular Defense) is actually a far superior product. The new product is called Restoriix and is manufactured by a company called Ariix. The company is farily new, but the owners and management have been in the wellness business for many many years. We are proud to represent not only the brand new Restoriix product, but the entire Ariix product line.


Over the next few weeks (or months), we will be updating our website to reflect the new product lineup. Please be patient with us as we make the chages, and do not hesitate to use the contact us page (link on the left side of the page) if you have any questions or concerns.


As always, we are still here to bring you some great information about natural healing through the use of the zeolite (now in powder form instead of liquid) (Ariix's new Restoriix powdered zeolite blend). We believe that nature provides everything you need to stay healthy. Here at Zeolite Magic, we offer only the highest quality, all natural products. Please stay tuned for updates on the new product lineup.

You can survive in our toxic environment, but the toxic burden that you are exposed to every day can begin to overload you. This can affect your ability to maintain a healthy balance. Since you are exposed to massive amounts of toxicity , you must have a way to safely and naturally remove the toxins . You must remove toxins and remove heavy metals to get healthy and to stay healthy. This is where a product like Restoriix comes into play. Zeolite has been used for hundreds of years to remove toxins and heavy metals, and now we have a product approved for human consumption that can and will cleanse your body of heavy metals and unwanted toxins. Restoriix combines the already proven cleansing properties of zeolite with several other elements to provide you with a safe and natural way to remove the toxic burden in your body.


If you are already fighting a serious illness or disease, you need this product even more. Toxins have been scientifically linked to nearly every disease known to man. This is where the products from Ariix come into play. In particular, the powdered zeolite product (Ariix's Restoriix powdered zeolite product). At Zeolite Magic, we will only sell the products that we fully believe in (like Restoriix by Ariix)

When you remove heavy metals and toxins from your body, you begin to get more healthy. This is because the " burden " that keeps you from being healthy is removed. We recommend Restoriix (the premier powdered zeolite) for this. Once the toxins are removed, your body will start to function normally. You will be able to fight off sickness and heal naturally . We also offer products designed to replace all the key elements that are now missing from our diets (stay tuned to this website for the new product lineup). This allows you to live a more healthy, more productive life . All of our Ariix products are at the lowest possible pricing to the public.

Toxins of the world bombard your body every day. If you do not have a safe method to remove them, you increase your chances of getting many diseases It has been proven that almost every serious disease has been linked to toxicity. For compliance reasons we are not allowed to list or name some of those diseases, but if it is serious or life threatening, you can rest assured it can be linked to toxicity. Your best chance to fight the battle with toxicity is to find a product that removes heavy metals and toxins at a cellular level. A product like Ariix's Restoriix (the premier powdered zeolite).


Our zeolite product not only helps remove the heavy metals, poisons, and toxins from the body, but also helps balance your ph levels , and maintain a healthy immune system .

We feel it is our duty to place these life changing products into the hands of those who need them most.

We believe that if you use our products as directed, that you will live a longer healthier life . These products will allow you to keep your youth and vitality.

We are here to get Restoriix (Ariix's premier powdered zeolite) and our other products into your hands as quickly as possible. To get the best price zeolite, you don't need to look any further. We ship products just about anywhere in the world. To date, we have shipped to Australia, New Zealand, Israel, UK, US, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Sweden, Hong Kong, Canada, India, etc. so don't be afraid to place an order based on your location.

The Premier Powdered Zeolite     The Premier Powdered Zeolite

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